LEAF or "Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship " is a network of home learners that welcomes all homeschoolers in many communities in south-central Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island and northeastern Connecticut.

What is the purpose of LEAF?

The main purpose of the LEAF network is to give families, interested in participating, the opportunity to share resources and talents, field trips and events, learning enrichment opportunities, park and beach days, and overall fellowship with others, in a variety of group settings.

LEAF is for those families who would like to maintain connections with others throughout the year through an ongoing calendar of events to be updated by the participants themselves.

To be a part of LEAF, all that is needed is a willingness and commitment to actively participate on a regular basis by offering ideas and events to share.

How does LEAF work?

LEAF is informal, all-inclusive and participant-directed. There is no one leader or group of leaders which plans activities and makes decisions for all network participants. Every family in the network is a fully contributing partner in the network.

Each family that plans an event or outing is responsible for its coordination. In other words, that family "owns" the event unless help is requested. However, don't hesitate to offer an "idea" for an event even if your family is not able to plan the details at that time; some other family in the network may offer to help or to coordinate the event instead.

Every family in the network is free to make decisions about what to offer in terms of events or field trips, but would be responsible for checking the calendar in the course of planning. Choose to offer an idea or learning opportunity that works for you and your family, and extend that offer to others. We all know life is busy! Attend or plan only those events which work within your family's interests and schedule.

All planned events posted to the calendar are open to all homeschoolers in LEAF and are not restricted to a select group within the Network. Events or classes may have posted minimums, if necessary, filled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Families would be offering to the calendar only those events and ideas they wish and are able to share.

Needless to say (but worth saying anyway!), the "Golden Rule" always applies: network participants treat each other with the respect they would hope to receive from others.

How can I participate in LEAF?

If you are interested in being part of the network outlined above,
an email/discussion list has been set up at Yahoo for the purpose of connecting network families. Upon joining the discussion list, you can start posting ideas and events right away, or voice your opinions about how the network will function. Have fun and keep those creative juices flowing!

Membership Guidelines:
LEAF is informal, all-inclusive and participant-directed. In order for LEAF to fulfill its purpose of supporting and connecting homeschool families and remaining member-directed, members must be either current homeschoolers, of any educational philosophy, or families considering homeschooling. Members may not be non-homeschooling third parties (such as representatives of commercial ventures, curriculum vendors, or administrators of non-profit educational groups) unless that member is currently homeschooling within LEAF's geographic area and intends to be an active participant in the Network.

Posting Guidelines:
LEAF members may, at any time, post their suggestions for activities, and may announce the details of events they are organizing. Discussions and questions about getting started in home education, homeschooling methods and styles, resources and books, and dealings with school districts are always welcome. Please be respectful of differing opinions! Member LEAF families may also freely post community learning opportunities that have been useful to them, and upcoming activities and classes at educational, art and nature centers that they feel might be of interest to other homeschooling families or are homeschooling-related.

The LEAF Network is an "inclusive" group of home educators. By this we mean, people from all walks of life are represented on LEAF. There will be ideas, events, and general topics that may not be in agreement with your own beliefs. People who issue inflammatory remarks or make personal attacks against another member resulting from an insensitivity to and lack of acceptance of the diverse scope of belief systems present on our Network, will not be permitted to participate on the Network. We do uphold free speech as long as it is carried out with respect in a thoughtful and non-threatening manner. Non-compliance will result in being placed on moderation or removal from the Network, which will be determined on a case by case basis.

The LEAF Moderator Team does not endorse any one particular belief system or method of home educating our children. Our sole mission is to promote peace and civility on this broad Network of home educators. LEAF does not endorse pressing one's own beliefs on others. Although discussions and debates about religion, politics, and lifestyle do occur from time to time, as it does within the normal framework of everyday family life, the focus of this Network is primarily home education in its many forms. Please do not consider membership unless you can abide in good conscience within these posting guidelines.

Please no spam! Those who are not homeschooling and who subscribe solely to post uninvited announcements for products and services, whether commercial or non-profit, will be immediately removed from the list. If you wish to request a post about your product or service, please contact a moderator for screening. Solicitations and postings of business information will be selectively forwarded at the discretion of the moderators. Not all requests for the forwarding of such information can or will be accommodated. Local homeschool LEAF members who have home-grown businesses may post their business details to the appropriate section in the Database, and make semi-annual announcements to the group regarding their businesses.

The LEAF list at Yahoo! Groups is a public communications area. With this in mind, members are advised not to post detailed personal information (full names, addresses, phone numbers, and so forth) to the list.

Though we try to keep LEAF to legitimate homeschooling contacts only, it is a public forum which should be used with caution. LEAF and its moderators are not responsible for any insult or injury, whether professional or personal, resulting from participation in the LEAF Network.

A calendar is available at the discussion list location where network participants can post their own events. If there are continuous additions to the calendar there will always be a great variety of events happening from which to choose! This is how the network will thrive and stay connected.

Here's how to join LEAF:

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For questions or more information about LEAF, please feel free to email a LEAF moderator. Inquiries are welcomed!

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