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For information on homeschooling with teens, visit the TEEN LINKS AND ACTIVITIES page.

A to Z Home's Cool
Wonderful site with a huge amount of information organized alphabetically. Resources for getting started in homeschooling. Links to state and local groups and organizations. Websites by subject. Kids links too!

Older Kids: High School to College
A to Z Home's Cool's information for homeschooling with teens

National Home Education Network
Help for deciding to homeschool, support group information, articles, email lists for special topics, legal and legislative resources

Jon's Homschool Resource Page
Large, informative site with Frequently Asked Questions section

Finding Homeschool Support on the Internet
Varieties of homeschooling, support, getting started, online resources
Articles, book reviews, answers to basic questions about homeschooling

Teach-At-Home: A Lifetime of Learning
Over 750 links to homeschool resources, news articles, daily features

Objections to Homeschooling
John Holt answers critics of homeschooling

Home Education Magazine
Articles, message boards, information, free information and resource guide to download

American Homeschool Association
Links to homeschooling articles, books and websites

Homefires - The Journal of Homeschooling Online
General homeschooling resources; includes links to Yahoo email lists Carschooling® and Clickschooling®

Eclectic Homeschool Online
Creative homeschooling resources from a Christian perspective
Large collection of inspiring homeschool stories

Homeschooling Magazines on the Internet
Listing of homeschooling magazines

Hoagies' Home Schooling Gifted Children
Part of Hoagies' Gifted Education Page; resources for helping gifted children learn at home

Uniquely Gifted
Internet resources for gifted and special needs children

The Homeschool Diner
Resources for new homeschoolers, such as the "Click-O-Matic Guide to choosing a homeschool approach," and resource links arranged by subject area. Sections on special needs, gifted, twice exceptional, and visual-spatial learners.