Homeschool Swim Classes, Franklin
Hockomock YMCA Franklin
Bernon Family Branch
45 Forge Hill Road
Franklin, MA
Class time: Wednesdays, 1:25-1:55 pm
Level: all skill levels, ages 6-15
Cost: Fall 2007: (full) Member Fee $61, (partial) Program Member $122.

Aquatic skills introduced include basic water safety and swim stroke development. This is a great opportunity for swimmers to socialize while gaining valuable instruction. This is not your basic swim lesson. FREE SWIM FOR family members follows each lesson period. For more information or to register, call the YMCA.

Homeschool Athletics Classes
Teamworks at Auburn Sportsplex
5 Saint Mark Street
Auburn, MA 01501
(508) 832-4955
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10-11:30 am, starting September 18, 2007
Ages 5-18
Cost per month: $75 for one day per week, $140 for both days; 8-week session

Teamworks homeschool programs are designed to promote health, self-esteem,amd confidence while having FUN learning different sports. Your child will learn to be a team player, learn to accept varying roles & build the confidence necessary to become successful. These days colleges are looking for well-rounded individuals, & that is what participation in sport activities helps you to become. Within just a short period of time, your child will see the results of their athletic efforts, whether they're an athlete or not. Contact Jared at (508) 832-4955 or email for more details.

Homeschooler Ice-skating Lessons - Franklin
Veterans Skating Arena
910 Panther Way
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone: 508-541-7024

Younger children's class
: Tuesdays 10:30 - 11:00 AM. Older children's class: Tuesdays 11:00 to 11:30 AM. Public skating: Weekdays 10:00 AM to noon

Instructor charges a flat fee of $15 per class, not per child; so, the greater the number of children in the class, the less the cost per child. (Two children in the class = $7.50 per child, three children in the class =$5 per child, and so on.)

Note that each person wishing to skate (child or adult) needs to pay the admission fee for public skating. The normal fee is $3 per person; but if you pre-pay for a home-schoolers' punch card, the cost is only $1.50 per person. When you arrive at the rink, ask the receptionist for a form to purchase a punch card, which costs $15 and gives you 10 admissions (children or adults). Of course each skater must also have a pair of skates or rent skates from the rink for $4. Helmets are a good idea, too, especially for novice skaters.

Children can take lessons as often as you wish -- weekly or every other week or as desired. You do not need to commit to a specific number of weeks. Linda said that she will look at the group of skaters each week and divide them up by age or skill level as needed.

Home School Audubon Programs
Broad Meadow Brook Wildlife Sanctuary (Audubon)
414 Massasoit Road
Worcester, MA 01604
(508) 753-6087
Contact Kristin Steinmetz:

Broad Meadow Brook's homeschool programs offer a friendly, cooperative learning environment for people of all ages! Our homeschool programs are designed for the homeschooling family. Parents are encouraged to attend with the student(s). Since this is not always possible, students may attend on their own as well. Upon registration, students attending without parents will be mailed a medical form that MUST be completed and brought to class, to ensure the student's safety.

Advance registration is required by calling (508) 753-6087. At the end of all programs, students will receive follow-up information and activities so the
learning can continue at home.

Program fees are for each participating child. M = Mass Audubon member. NM = non-Mass Audubon member.

Fall Kaleidoscope
Thursday, October 11
$8 M / $12 NM
Kristin Steinmetz, Instructor
Ages 6 and above
New England features the most colorful autumn woods in the world! Conduct a scientific investigation that explains how green leaves turn different colors in the fall. Walk the trails to discover how leaves fall and where they all go. Take home a dazzling autumn leaf craft.

Cold Storage
Thursday, November 1
$8 M / $12NM
Kristin Steinmetz, Instructor
All ages welcome
A hibernating woodchuck breathes just once every 5 minutes. Some frogs have antifreeze compounds in their bodies that enable them to survive freezing and thawing during the winter. We'll play games and do activities to learn some of the amazing ways animals prepare for the winter. Then we'll search outside to find evidence of the ways sanctuary animals are busy preparing for the upcoming winter.

The Physics of Bird Flight
2 class sessions - Thursdays, November 8 and 15
$16 M / $24 NM
Christy Barnes & Kristin Steinmetz, Instructors
Ages 8 and above
Physics is fascinating, not frightening! Through hands-on activities and investigations, we'll uncover the physical laws that govern flight by both birds and aircraft. Get ready to create a wind tunnel, make and fly paper airplanes, build bird bones and more in this "high flying" physical science class.

Gifts from Nature

Thursday, December 6
$8 M / $12 NM
Dawn Gardetto & Kristin Steinmetz, Instructors
All ages welcome
Using materials collected from nature, create a variety of lovely nature crafts to give as gifts during the holiday season. Choose from a variety of natural crafts - possibilities include nature print cards, milkweed pod ornaments, wreaths woven from vines, flower pressing and more - appropriate for a range of ages. Dress for mess.

Homeschool Audubon Programs
Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary
1417 Park Street
Attleboro, MA 02703
(508) 223-3060
Contact: Sarah Slack, Sanctuary Director

What is Oak Knoll?
Oak Knoll Wildlife Sanctuary is one of 43 sanctuaries across the state managed by the Massachusetts Audubon Society. It is located at 1417 Park Street in Attleboro, right down the street from LaSalette
Shrine. The sanctuary includes over a mile of trails, a freshwater marsh, a red maple swamp, old fields, vernal pools, and a small lake. All classes at Oak Knoll give students the opportunity to explore these habitats during trail walks and investigative study at the nature center. Through our programs, students are encouraged to develop a sense of stewardship for the natural world. The education staff at Oak Knoll promotes learning through inquiry-based questioning and critical thinking.

For more information on current Homeschool classes or other Oak Knoll offerings, please contact Sarah Slack, Sanctuary Director, at (508) 223-3060 ext. 3601 or

Home School Audubon Programs
Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary
293 Moose Hill Street
Sharon, MA
Contact: Susan Caplan, 781-784- 5691 x8104, or scaplan@ massaudubon. org

To Register: All programs require prepaid registration at least two weeks before the start date. To receive a refund, you must notify us of your cancellation at least 7 days before the program starts. Download a registration form at and mail to Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary.

Homeschool Audubon Programs
Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary
113 Goodnow Road
Princeton, MA 01541
Phone: 978-464-2712
Call for fees and registration.

Wednesday Hikes
Wachusett Meadow will have a hike as a home school program every third Wednesday of the month (occasionally conflict will cause rescheduling). These hikes will explore different destinations with an emphasis on a different focus each time. Family and friends are always welcome to join the fun. Chris Eaton, Instructor. Fee:children - $ 8.00, member; $ 12.00, nonmember.

Hike to the Majestic White Oaks - Learn about Tree Coring
Wednesday, September 19, 2007, 1:00 - 3:00 pm

Discover Otter Pond - Wood Ducks, Beavers, & Northern Water Snakes
Wednesday, October 17, 1-3 pm

Hike to Glacial Boulder - A Geological Focus
Wednesday, November 28, 1-3 pm

Rock Fire Pond in Winter - Is Anyone Still Up & About?

Wednesday, December 19, 1-3 pm

Hike to the Coyote Rocks - Look for Signs of Coyotes

Wednesday, January 16, 2008, 1-3 pm

Friday Homeschool Programs:
Additional Homeschool Programs take place on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. Chris Eaton, Instructor. Fee: Children - $ 8.00, member; $ 12.00, nonmember. Open to All Ages! We welcome the entire family!

Hawk Migration
Friday, September 14, 2007, 1-3 pm
Over a dozen raptors, such as hawks, eagles, and falcons, migrate over the Wachusett area I the fall. Learn about the different hawks (viewing real specimens) and find out where they go. Bring binoculars if you have them.

Feathers - Make a Mardi Gras Mask
Friday, September 28, 1;00 - 3:00 pm
Learn about feathers - flight feathers, bristle feathers, contour feathers, and down. Which feathers have true pigment? We'll make a mask worthy to wear to the New Orleans Mardi Gras Festival.

Printing with Leaves and Other Objects Found Outside Decorate a Pillow Case to Take Home
Friday, October 12, 1-3 pm
Learn some different printing processes by printing with leaves, fruits, and vegetables. You can also try your hand at stenciling.

Corn from Field to Table
Friday, October 26, 1- 3 pm
The corn that we planted last May is ready for harvest. We'll shell it with a Black Hawk Corn Sheller now that it is dry. We'll grind it and make some corn muffins. Yumm!!

Make Turkey Piñatas with Real Turkey Feathers
Friday, November 9, 1-3 pm
Just in time for Thanksgiving, we'll make papier-mâché piñatas and decorate them with turkey feathers.

Sculpture Inspired by Nature
Friday, November 30, 1-3 pm
We'll put plaster into a balloon and then use files, rasps, and chisels to shape the plaster into a tree, animal, or natural shape.

Candle Making
Friday, December 14, 1 - 3 pm
For the darkest time of the year, we will make some candles. Learn about the history of candles and the varieties of candles that can be made today.

Experiments with Water
Friday, January 11, 2008, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
Learn about surface tension, water's strengths and its properties. Hands-on experiences to help us learn about this amazing substance. Can you pull water? Can water hold things? Come and see what it can do.

Experiments with Ice
Friday, January 25, 1:00 - 3:00 pm
What can ice do? Can it split rocks? How strong is it? Hands-on experiments will bring us face to face with ice. We'll learn about its strength and weakness. How did ice shape our landscape? How many different crystals can ice form into?

Horse Classes
Rainbow's End Riding and Therapeutic Barn
12 Jarvis Lane
North Attleboro, MA
The next Horseback riding session will run for six weeks and will begin on Tuesday, September 11; time, 1:00-2:30 pm. Cost is $70 for the six-week series. Participants will learn how to groom tack and ride a horse. It is a shared session with up to seven kids per horse. We are located south of the Mall in North Attleboro near 295, Route 1 and Route 95. For information or to register, call Sue at 508-643-9871 or email

Homeschool Fencing, Gymnastics and Karate
New England Sports Academy
345 University Avenue
Westwood, MA
Fridays, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Beginning September 8, 2006, running monthly

10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. – Fencing (Ages 6+) and Martial Arts (4+)
11:00 a.m. to noon – Gymnastics (toddlers and up)
Noon to 1:00 p.m. - Open gym, facilitated by instructors.
Cost: $60 for first sport, $50 for second. 10% sibling discount applies. Open gym only (noon – 1:00), $50 per family. For those families with at least one child signed up for a structured program, one sibling will be permitted to attend the open gym at no cost. For two or more siblings to attend open gym only, the cost is $50 per family. The $50 registration fee is waived.

Terms and Conditions:

Registrations should be sent directly to the academy, and are available online at The name of the program is Homelearners. Please specify sport of interest for each child to ensure appropriate staffing. Only one registration form is necessary per family. All children attending any part of the program must be listed on the registration form for liability reasons. Returning families can register by phone if a credit card is used for payment. Just call 781.493.6345.

Fees will be pro-rated for those who enroll after the session begins. Children may switch (with advance notice) to another sport during the session to find the best fit. A lunch room is available for use during the program. The basketball room will be available to young children for play while they wait for their siblings enrolled in one of the structured programs. Balls must be returned to their storage area after use.

Homeschool Gymnastics
Giguere's Gymnastics
148 Main Street
Cherry Valley, MA
Tuesdays, 11:00 am to 12:00 pm
Fee: $40 every 4 weeks
Ages: 3-5
Begins October 3 and runs through the end of May 2007. Children may join at any time. The class has 30 minutes of instruction and 30 of minutes free time.

Martial Arts Classes
Cormier's Self Defense Academy
67 Charles Street
Holliston, MA
(508) 429-6688
Thursdays, beginning October 4 (call for start time)
Annual Registration Fee: $45.00
Monthly Tuition: First child, $70.00; second child, $50.00; third child, $40.00
Uniform and T-shirt: $60.00
Class size minimum: 5
Class size maximum: 20
Instruction for a junior black belt in the Okinawan Goju ryu Karate and Yoshitsune Jujitsu programs will be covered depending on child's age. Minimum age 4 for karate minimum; age 8 for jujitsu. Class will be at least 45 minutes long. For further questions or registration, please contact Jim Cormier directly at