Homeschool Social Register
Developed and maintained by a homeschooling family in Massachusetts to allow homeschoolers to make connections within their local area or around the world. Get in touch with other homeschoolers in specific locations in privacy; email addresses are never posted on the web site.
From the website:
"You can reveal as much or as little about your family as you wish. There is a 'notes' area where you can post any information you want, such as the favorite activities and interests of your children, link to your home page, etc. This information is only revealed to people who are also members of the Register." Free membership.

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Kaleidoscapes Refugees Homeschooling Forum
This is a new version of the Kaleidoscapes discussion board. Archived messages prior to February 28, 2002 can be viewed here.
Website written for and by homeschoolers

Vegsource: Community HomeSchooling Board
Message board
Message boards

Unschooling Highlights
Email list at Yahoo!Groups which consists of a selection of posts from the discussion list.

Homeschool Email Interest Groups
Email discussion lists, message boards and chats of all types

Homeschoolers with Gifted/Special Needs Children
An email list at is for families homeschooling gifted/special needs children. Moderated by a local homeschooling mom.

Muslim Home School Network & Resource
"Information for the Muslim teacher, the non-Muslim teacher seeking educational material on Islam and resource for the Muslim home schooling family." Based in Attleboro, MA but connecting Muslim families nationwide.

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