Massachusetts Home Learning Association (MHLA) Email List
An inclusive email discussion list for Massachusetts homeschoolers:

LEAF Home Learners Network
"Learning Enrichment Active Fellowship"
LEAF is a network of home learners that welcomes all homeschoolers in many communities in south-central Massachusetts, northern Rhode Island and northeastern Connecticut.

The main purpose of LEAF is to give families, interested in participating, the opportunity to share resources and talents, field trips and events, learning enrichment opportunities, park and beach days, and overall fellowship with others, in a variety of group settings.

The LEAF network is for those who would like to maintain connections with other families throughout the year through an ongoing calendar of events to be updated by the participants themselves.

To be a part of LEAF, all that is needed is a willingness and commitment to actively participate on a regular basis by offering ideas and events to share.

For more information and to join the YahooGroups! email list, go to the website:

Metrowest Homeschoolers
Metrowest Homeschoolers is a group of homeschoolers from a wide variety of backgrounds in the Boston Metrowest Area. Everyone is welcome at all group events and activities. We do not support any particular method of homeschooling. There are no memberships fees, however fees are often charged for various activities. An email list for the group has been set up at Yahoo!Groups and can be accessed at

An inclusive email list for homeschooling families in Massachusetts.

Discussion and support group for unschoolers in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Rhode Island Home Schooling
From their website:
"The purpose of this club is to bring homeschoolers together. We want everyone to feel that there are people to whom they can turn when they have questions or concerns about their great journey through homeschooling."

HENRI - Home Educators Network of Rhode Island
Network and information providing resource and support for parents who homeschool in the state of Rhode Island. Networks homeschoolers for coops, various programs and activities and field trips.

The MaNNH group is for all homeschoolers, past, present, and future. Our main goal is to provide, support for the homeschooling community, in what ever way we can. We would like to encourage future homeschoolers, by providing support, activities, ideas, and our general experiences with homeschooling. As present day homeschoolers, we hope to be supportive to our community of current homeschoolers. We are open to homeschoolers, who have done this in the past, to share with us their knowledge, tips, and tricks, on their home learning journeys. We love to hear about activities, all over our New England states, as homeschooling interests are very varied. Please come and gather, contribute, and apply some ideas, we have many things to offer, and look forward to meeting new homeschoolers. Please no off topic items! Just Home School ideas only!