World Book Encyclopedia
Typical Course of Study by grade

A to Z Home's Cool: Study Materials
Lots of helpful information about choosing or designing a curriculum, and more

Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks
The official scope and sequence for public schools in Massachusetts. It is not necessary to follow this, but may be useful reference for some in specific subjects.

Connecticut Homeschool Network Resource Guide
Large list of curriculum resources and publishers of educational materials

Science strands by subject and grade; some free units to download using Adobe Acrobat, and some curriculum available to purchase.

Oak Meadow
Homeschool curriculum materials to purchase and use at home or online enrollment with long-distance teacher support.

Clonlara School
A comprehensive long-distance home education program for K -12. Good support for those following an unschooling format at home. Diploma available.

Calvert School
Complete curriculum program

CompassLearning Odyssey (formerly ChildU: The Learning Odyssey)
Internet-based learning program. Monthly fee.

Five in a Row
Literature-based unit-study curriculum

Manipulatives-based math program

Key Curriculum Press
Math educational materials - textbooks and software; supplier of Miquon Math

Math and science curriculum materials

Saxon Publishers
Math and phonics programs

The Well-Trained Mind: A Parents' Guide to Classical Education
Based on the book of the same name, provides techniques, curriculum, and resources for a classical style of home education.

Online, self-paced learning program. Monthly fee.

Bayside School Services
Source for standardized achievement tests

Family Learning Organization
Source of standardized tests

Provider of engineering and science-based enrichment curriculum for children in grades K-12; offers materials kits and curricula for purchase, and an online subscription program that is is purely Internet-based. Many programs use LEGO materials as the foundation for math and science learning.

Danforth Museum, Art-On-the-Move Program
Art curriculum kits that can be borrowed by educators. The museum is located in Framingham, MA

Beyond Books
Online educational resources for middle- and high-schoolers. Includes portfolios, activities, study questions, and lesson plans. Yearly fee.