Hoagies' Kids Magazine List
Nice list of children's magazines

National Geographic Kids Magazine
For kids 8-14 to explore geography, adventure, wildlife, science

National Wildlife Federation Magazines for Kids:
Ranger Rick - ages 7-12
Your Big Backyard - ages 3-7
Wild Animal Baby - ages 12 months to 3 years

Science for young children

One animal covered in each issue

Kids Discover
P.O. Box 54205
Boulder CO 80322-4205
One topic per issue

Odyssey Magazine
Science magazine for readers ages 10-16

Natural New England
Science and nature of the Northeast, teens and older

New Moon
Stories and articles about girls and women all over the world

Highlights Magazine
Ages 2-12

Merlyn's Pen
This annual Rhode Island magazine publishes top fiction, poetry and essays by teens age 12-18.

Cobblestone Publishing
Produces a large number of magazines for children of all ages dealing with topics in history, world cultures, science and literature. Available as yearly subscriptions or in single or multiple issues by topic. Bulk rates also available for homeschooling families.

Weekly Reader
Publishes a newspaper for children in the elementary grades. The company also publishes other branded periodicals and instructional materials, including Teen Newsweek, Read, Current Science, Know Your World Extra,and Current Events.

From their website:
"BOOMERANG! is a monthly 70-minute audiocassette in the format of a "magazine." Designed for ages 6-12, BOOMERANG! introduces kids to the world of big ideas -- science, current events, economics, history, poetry, geography. Jokes, mysteries, music, and interviews combine to make this monthly cassette a child's own personal window to the world at large."